About L&S Sales Co.

1969 - Founded by Alvin Low and Phillip Schwartz
1975 - Company incorporated when Stuart Scherr joined as equal partner. First office opened in Oakland.
1977 - First candy broker in the United States to purchase and operate their own in-house computer system. Office moves to Hayward.
1980 - First broker to institute a program for small retailers (FTO Program), to obtain distribution by selling product out of our cars. Office moves to Walnut Creek.
1988 - Company continues to expand personnel to 18 sales reps. Offices are moved to Moraga
1989 - One of the first brokers to issue cellular phones to all sales reps
1995 - L&S Sales Co. opens in Southern California
1996 - Stu Scherr in inducted to the Candy Hall of Fame

2015 - L&S office moves to Folsom, CA

Office Locations

Meet Our Sales Team

Still not sure if L&S Sales Co is the right choice for you? We are convinced that our qualifications speak for themselves. Here are the peolpe that make it work:


Stuart Scherr

CEO - L&S Sales Corporate


Professional Experience:

  • L&S Sales Co.
  • Jack Candies
  • M&M Mars
  • Phillip Morris




David Scherr



Professional Experience:

  • L&S Sales Co.
  • Bass Tickets
  • Longs Drug Stores




Darryl Scherr

Vice President


Professional Experience:

  • L&S Sales Co.
  • Alpha Beta




Phil Backstrom

Sales Associate


Professional Experience:

  • L&S Sales - South
  • Vistar/VSA



Kim Scherr

Administrative Assistant

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